Comprehensive in home Physical and Psychosocial Assessment

Caregiver Assessment

Recommendations for Late Life Relocation.

Physical and Psychosocial Assessment

This occurs in the senior’s living space and environment. It includes an evaluation of the senior’s functional capacity, ability to provide self-care, mobility within the home and evaluation of sensory loss. It includes health assessment and ability to manage personal medications and treatments and cognitive, social and spiritual capabilities and desires.

Caregiver Assessment

If the senior has the assistance of a caregiver, it is often beneficial to assess the ability and knowledge of the caregiver. The caregiver is often a spouse, daughter or paid individual who may not be trained for the responsibility of the care. It is valuable to be able to further educate the caregiver to concerns, ability to follow-up with medical appointments and knowledge and capability to administer medications. It is also important to build in ways to prevent caregiver burnout so that the care giving relationship can be preserved.

Recommendations for Late Life Relocation

Assisting families in assessing the current life circumstances and evaluating when a move to a new environment is appropriate. This includes providing support to families faced with the decision of the best relocation for the individual, circumstances and resources.